1. I've been at a loss for words since last night.
  2. You know who wouldn't have been? @biz
    and the Lame Transition Award goes to
  3. Biz wrote effortlessly about the small moments of life
    Buying cigarettes with scrounged-together dimes, the floursecent lights in her office, finding a potato in a forgotten cupboard, growing roots, - just a few off the top of my head but her account has so many lists like this.
  4. Her lists were like charcoal drawings of her state of mind. A few quick strokes and she was done.
  5. Looking back now, the melancholy and sadness in her lists is more clear.
  6. But I don't want to lean too hard on what I should have noticed as red flags. Her lists were beautiful to me. Biz was the lister I most wanted to be like.
  7. She could convey so much in comments and emojis as well. Not everyone can a make a row of ❤️s feel like love, but Biz could.
  8. In very few words, she could make you feel seen and heard.
  9. When I started using silly aliases, she always made them into nicknames in comments.
    "Thanks, eddieeeeee . . . . " I don't know, I thought that was adorable.
  10. She was a tough cookie with a sweet center.
  11. I didn't share her politics but I really admired her for expressing herself here, knowing she would receive so much disapproval.
    I could tell she came by her beliefs honestly.
  12. I think I loved her, and I know I miss her.
    Goodbye, @biz . Rest in peace.