Requested by Laurie

Blu-rays/DVDs I Own That Probably Aren't in Many Collections 📀

Thanks for the request, @Dashelamet . I tried to keep it short. Maybe I'll do another volume at some point!
  1. Seizure
    Oliver Stone's first film, about a horror novelist whose characters come to life and terrorize him and his family. Not great, but clearly the work of a talented person with Mom issues.
  2. Cohen & Tate
    If you liked Home Alone but wished it were serious, check out this tight, tense road thriller, about two hit men consistently getting their asses kicked by a kid in witness protection.
  3. Electra Glide in Blue
    Robert Blake's plays a highway patrolman who tries to solve a murder; Blake's Napoleonic need to prove himself gets him in dutch with the local power structure. Excellent desert photography by Conrad Hall.
  4. Superstar: the Karen Carpenter Story
    Todd Haynes' infamous biopic of Karen Carpenter done with Barbie dolls. I won this on eBay long before there was a YouTube.
  5. A Field in England
    Black, white, and trippy all over.
  6. Fingers
  7. The Order
    I haven't watched this in a long time. I'm afraid it won't be the underrated atmospheric 70s-inspired religious horror flick I remember.
  8. Why Does Herr R Run Amok?
    But why, though?
  9. The Duellists
    Ridley Scott's first, best, film.
  10. Dangerously Close
    30 year old high school vigilantes.
  11. Get to Know Your Rabbit
    Brian De Palma, Tommy Smothers, Orson Welles, magic . . . I wish I could tell you this was a lost classic.
  12. Wild River
    Electric acting. Directed by Elia Kazan.
  13. Gumshoe
    Unemployed Albert Finney tries to be a private eye. Patiently waiting to be someone's rainy day fave.
  14. Crimson
    A crook is injured in a bank heist. His gang does what you or I would do: delay the getaway so the guy can get a brain transplant.
  15. Normal Life
    Luke Perry and Ashley Judd are a Bonnie & Clyde motivated by credit card debt in this melancholy 90s crime caper.
  16. The Chocolate War
    Leads the The 80s B-Squad of Teen Movies.
  17. Bugsy Malone
    Wonderful all-kids gangster musical. Songs by Paul Williams, directed by Alan Parker (Fame, Pink Floyd: The Wall).
  18. The Rats are Coming! The Werewolves are Her
    I've yet to tear the cellophane off this baby. As I recall, there are neither rats nor werewolves.