Celebrity Cameos in KNIGHT OF CUPS, Ranked by Their Dialogue Fragments

  1. Terrence Malick's KNIGHT OF CUPS is less a story, and more one man's experience of being alive. Christian Bale does mostly nothing in the film, standing around in scenes, watching.
    Bale's character is a screenwriter. We see him walk through a Hollywood life of parties and meetings, populated by a massive, rotating cast of famous faces, their words drowned out by music or the noise of the world. These are their words I could hear:
  2. 29. ) Ben Kingsley
    "Dear friend. I wonder where I was in all that time. A sleepwalker. In love with the world. In love with love." (Voice over only.)
  3. 28. ) Nick Kroll
    No dialogue.
  4. 27. ) Isabel Lucas
    No dialogue. Is a girlfriend of Bale's, or a mermaid, perpetually getting into/out of water.
  5. 26. ) Joel Kinnaman
    Cut away from just as he's about to speak.
  6. 25. ) Kevin Corrigan
  7. 24. ) Joe Lo Truglio & Ryan O'Neal
    Together at last. Neither speaks.
  8. 23. ) Joe Manganiello
    "Thank you!"
  9. 22. ) Fabio
    No dialogue. Can be seen sort of half-throwing (and catching) a woman in the air for a second.
  10. 21. ) Shae Wigham
    " . . . Oh, just about a week. Sarah's got some people here, some folks . . . "
  11. 20. ) Jason Clark
    "I know a guy."
  12. 19. ) Dan Harmon
    " . . . All I'm asking is for your permission, you outrank me, I'm asking for your permission to make this a dramatic scene for one second . . . "
  13. 18. ) Cate Blanchett
    "Just don't threaten me with leaving, okay?"
  14. 17. ) Wes Bentley
    ". . . I picked him up and I had him in my car, and a cop pulled us over. So immediately I came up with a story. I tell him, 'Okay, I'm a Methodist minister and I'm looking after you, all right?'"
  15. 16. ) Michael Wincott
    "You worked long and hard to get to this moment. Mountain air. Freedom. What are you going to do? Crawl back down because you don't like the altitude?"
  16. 15. ) Thomas Lennon
    " . . . to meet new people and come to the West Side which I hate doing as you know . . . "
  17. 14. ) Antonio Banderas
    "Myself, I didn't want to get a divorce. I never stopped loving them. The way I loved them changed. They are like flavors. Sometimes you want raspberry . . . "
  18. 13. ) Freida Pinto
    "Is this a friendship we have?"
  19. 12. ) Brian Dennehy
    "Just because I stumbled down the road like a drunk, that doesn't mean it's the wrong one."
  20. 11. ) Imogen Poots
    "I . . . think . . . you're . . . weak."
  21. 10. ) Cherry Jones
    "I hope you have children. You're always wondering, are they too cold, are they warm enough? Instead of worrying about yourself."
  22. 9. ) Teresa Palmer
    ". . . We're like clouds aren't we? Coming and going . . ."
  23. 8. ) Walt (not a celeb, but should be for ⬇️)
    "Even though I'm in darkness, I believe in the light."
  24. 7. ) Natalie Portman
    "You think you're making me break my vows. But the vow comes from the love behind it."
  25. 6. ) Clifton Collins as Agent 2
    "If you're not first in line, you're smelling somebody else's brown eye."
  26. 5. ) Nick Offerman as Agent 1
    "Living my life is like playing Call of Duty on easy. I just go around and fuck shit up."
  27. 4. ) Patrick Whitesell (A real agent)
    "So you know what that means? That means the assignment you didn't turn in, right, the one you didn't do? You don't have to worry about it. Here's what happens. That goes away, double your quote, you go to the new movie . . . "
  28. 3. ) Armin Mueller-Stahl
    "Seems you're alone. You're not. Even now, he's taking your hand and guiding you by a way you cannot see. If you are unhappy, you shouldn't take it as a mark of God's disfavor. Just the contrary. Might be the very sign he loves you. He shows his love, not by helping you avoid suffering, but by sending you suffering. By keeping you there. To suffer binds you to something higher than yourself. Higher than your own will. Takes you from the world. To find what lies beyond it."
  29. 2. ) Peter Matthiessen, novelist
    "I only teach one thing. I just teach this moment. Pay attention to this moment, and everything is there. Perfect and complete."
  30. 1. ) Bruce Wagner, novelist (A celebrity to me; his Hollywood satires are some of my favorite books. His character is even named Bud Wiggins, after the main character in his novel I'm Losing You.)
    "There's a party we're having next week. A ketamine party. Have you ever gotten involved in that? Go down the K hole? I mean you're here for 20 seconds and then, wham, you're out. You're in another room. Your wife. You're in another one, another. You gotta do that, man. Have you been to Sarajevo?"