Dank Stuff I Wore in the 90s

Inspired by @jennifergster @BWN_7 @RyanDangerSims sadly, little has changed.
  1. This exact stained-glass corduroy shirt from J. Crew
    It was either find this pic, or no list.
  2. Girbaud Jeans
    I'm very disappointed in the internet for their sparse photo collection of 90s Marité & Francois Girbaud. Hopefully the brand stripe is amply showcased.
  3. Gap Rugby Shirts
  4. Barn jacket (mine was reversible, tan on one side and military green on the other)
    And my parents found the same unopened box of condoms in the inside pocket both when they were moving me into my freshman dorm, and at Christmas break that year. 😎
  5. A Waldo-striped Gap hoodie
    I wanted to find a pic of the exact item, but no luck. I include it because of the time I was wearing the hoodie in Brit Lit and my buddy walked in wearing the same thing. He yelled, "GodDAMN it!" And stormed out, then walked back in with it tied around his waist.
  6. This belt
    On no-uniform day in my high school, the move was Girbaud jeans, a literal Polo shirt and a belt like this.
  7. Looney Tunes neckties
    These were huge for 5 minutes in 1993. A guy wears one in a early Friends episode. ( I wore mine once a week 😬🤓) Feeling very vulnerable right now.
  8. Ironic minor league ball caps also enjoyed a brief moment in the sun
    This was mine. (Couldn't tell you a thing about the Chattanooga Lookouts)
  9. (Because of li.st's innate cropping, here's the sword)