Requested by Lisa

Forearms, One Summer

This past January I posted a list of my forearms, at @Lisa_Fav 's request: LOW KEY FOREARMS, ANYONE?. This week, it came up that with summer upon us, an update was in order, and a new request arrived. Very sorry . . .
  1. Since I'm a lifelong "Inside Kid", there's not a lot of Sun's Out.
  2. But Guns Out, that's in the eye of the beholder.
  3. I've decided my look for summer '16 is:
  4. "Affecting a Shrug in a Mirror Which Needs Resilvering"
  5. If I Were Less Embarassed, I Would Ask for Photo Help
    My new web series
  6. .5 forearm
    Off topic, but what do you do?
  7. Sort of looks like Spy Vs. Spy
  8. .
  9. Just me?
  10. Thoughts Whilst Objectifying Oneself
    Do I delete this today or tomorrow?