I've been having a List App identity crisis for the last week or so. Here are the nicknames I've used since joining:
  1. My full name
  2. My last name
  3. Low Key Forearms
    That was fun, that weekend at the shore.
  4. Key Forearms
  5. Major Key Forearms
    A suggestion from @babystevens . I liked this one a lot.
  6. Hero In a Half Sleeve
    Lateral move. Got a list out of it: NINJA TURTLE FOREARMS, RANKED Ample parking, 3.5 stars.
  7. Low Key Brian
    Sounds like a Cockney gangster's ineffectual nephew.
  8. High Key Brian
    High key changed it after 10 minutes.
  9. High Key Indecisive
    Truth. New watch alert.
  10. So here I am, like Tom Hanks at the end of Cast Away, wondering, which way?
    Volume 2, perhaps.