These are my last bunch of List App names, most recent backwards.
  1. Ed Kowalczyk
    "I alone list you." I did three lists as the lead singer of the band Live (or as I insist in the lists, LīVE). The first time I've ever listed as "a character." (The characterization was limited to Ed being lot more positive, marginally more egotistical, and using way more exclamation points than me.)
  2. Johnny Utah
    "The FBI is paying us to list!" My longest-term alias. I almost want to go back. My reluctance will result in a POINT BREAK draft published with an off-topic name.
  3. Flash Gordon
    "Quarterback, New York Lists." ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  4. Edward D. Wood, Jr.
    "Plan Name From Outer Space." I love Ed Wood's movies and career. He was terrible but he just kept going.
  5. And now
  6. Special Agent Dale Cooper
    "Where lists go to die." Here's hoping.