(My end.)
  1. "The #5 on the sides and back, half an inch off the top? It's hard to know. So maybe I'll ask for more later?"
  2. "Oh. Pfft. Just hanging out. Um, doing stuff."
  3. "How's it been here? Busy?"
  4. "Yeah, that's pretty good."
  5. "Yes, please."
  6. "Haha. Mushrooming is the worst!"
  7. "That's a bummer."
  8. "No kids!"
  9. "Mm-hmm."
  10. "Hmm. Yeah."
  11. "Oh. Sorry."
  12. "Squared off, please."
  13. "She DIDN'T."
  14. "Up a little. Just clean 'em up."
  15. "Could you take off a hair more?"
  16. "Thanks. It's hard to know."
  17. "Haha. You got me. Pun intentional!"
  18. "Great."
  19. "Sure. Something light?"
  20. "Thanks very much."
  21. "You too! And watch out for Linda!"