1. "After fictional character Chris Cahill hurts her knee, she is seen getting some rest and icing it at her coach's house. What is the show she is seen watching on the TV?”
    The movie was Personal Best, my teammate paid to rent it from Amazon and we scrubbed through it - Laverne and Shirley was on the TV.  Incidentally, this is a a very good, dark track & field movie, written by Robert Towne (Chinatown, Shampoo)
  2. "This is what the industrial revolution sounds like according Eldon Rathburn. From what animated piece does this come from?”
    The Romance of Trasportation in Canada, random pick from his imdb profile. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  3. “Find your copy of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Is it signed by the author? If it is and you got it signed on the morning of July 19 in the year it was released, where did you get it signed?”
    We found a signed copy on eBay, with the location “Books Etc” written in JKR’s own handwriting (I presume).
  4. "Small screen character Mary Kilmer was married to Mark and then to Randy who she met at Mark's observance. What are Mary's two surnames?"
    No clue. Zero. Zip. The answer was Schliz and Wiles. My initial reaction stands.