Thanks for the request, @karlalucia - Changed the title a bit. 😉
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    Text me what sweater you want me to wear when you see me later.
    Other clothing requests are acceptable.
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    Email me your thoughts on the movie we saw last night.
    A text is good too; The key difference is that an email feels complete as itself while a text is just a shard looking for another shard.
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    (Basically, textual chemistry has become a pretty big part of what attracts me; I've lost interest in many a woman, otherwise wooing me, when we didn't seem to mesh in the ol' Messages app.)
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    When we only text a few texts at a time.
    I don't have enough material for an ongoing convo. Let's make the most of small moments and check back in when the tank's full.
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    Wear something that shows off your collar bones.
    It's a cliché because it's true.
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    Laugh at my jokes
    Just the good ones. I'm not a complete animal.
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    "Yes-And" me
    I don't *just* want and audience; I want a partner in verbal 🏓 or perhaps the more graceful banter-🏸
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    When I reference some old obscure movie in a group setting and you quote a line from it back to me, while everyone else draws a blank stare.
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    Lean ever so slightly back into my hand when I place it on the small of your back.
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    If we're out for the evening, and you've had a drink, tell me how you'll brush you teeth when we get home, so I can kiss you.
    As a Sober American, I can't necessarily jump right into a make-out sesh with someone who's been drinking. Letting me know, in small ways, that you understand the situation and want to find ways to work around it, is 🔥💥🔥
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    Put your hair up so I can see the line of your neck.
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    Take me to your favorite section in your favorite used bookstore.
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    Let me take you to this theater and hold hands with me while we watch an old movie.
    Doesn't even have to be a good movie; Seeing an old scratchy print in Minneapolis' very tiny Trylon theater is an incredibly intimate experience.
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    Dance with me by the light of backyard tiki lights.