Thanks for the request, @Nicholas . I agree, this could be a regular thing.
  1. Crocodiles, Sleep Forever
    Their double cover "Groove is in the Heart/California Girls" was on my Discover Weekly a while ago, and I got sucked into their synth rock vortex. Reflects, then soothes the cubicle blues.
  2. Broadcast, soundtrack to Berberian Sound Studio
    This retro masterpiece is a frequent listen, but with October coming on it's been my spooky friend in particular. You've got your harpsichords, your psychedelic fuzz, your choruses of sighs. Perfect - maybe too much so - for driving home after midnight.
  3. Hinds, Leave Me Alone
    These four girls from Madrid are surf garage par excellence. Eases the pain of turning into the parking lot at the end of lunch. Try not putting "Garden" on repeat.