Everybody wants to direct movies and open a restaurant 😴 Here's other stuff I'd love to do.
  1. Guest co-host, Live with Kelly Ripa
  2. Person who introduces movies on Turner Classic Movies
    I refuse to look up technical terms
  3. Talent Agent
  4. Podcaster
    I could give myself this job why am I telling you
  5. Food show judge
    Specifically the one where they judge the themed donuts, on Cooking Channel
  6. Short order cook
    Again, I could just go do this. But throwing together a Denver omelette with a side of toast and yelling, "Order up"? A potentially Zen-like state of motion and quiet artistry.
  7. Producer of special features for blu-rays
    A dying (dead?) field but there's nothing like a good making-of doc
  8. Meditation leader
    To inspire such trust that people forget themselves and find a deeper level of conciousness
  9. Shoeshine guy
    Gimme a rag and a comfortable chair and all of downtown will gleam of panache and professionalism.