1. ARI: "Do you know what they do to Jews in Texas?"
    No one answers him. Ari runs a studio. The man needs answers.
  2. T.I. came in hot to this pediatrician's office.
    On fire, this guy.
  3. E is cheating on Sloane!
    Sloane is preg! That's where he saw T.I.
  4. E: "I had sex less then 6 hours ago, I think I'll be okay, Drama."
    E's fine, guys.
  5. Rhonda Rousey.
    I don think she's going to make that JCVD transition.
  6. The trans light behind Lloyd is horseshit
    I can see the folds, like it was in storage that morning.
  7. Billy Bob Thornton, the world knows you're bald.
    No one will put you in a corner if you put the rug on the shelf.
  8. Haley Joel Osment plays BBT's son.
    They both have three names. Perfect casting.
  9. The key to ENTOURAGE working, as a movie and a show, is Vince has to be the most minor character. E, Turtle, and Ari should be maneuvering against each other to run Vince's career.
    Drama should guest once a season.
  10. Gary Busey was nominated for an Oscar. You can't predict what he'll say or how he'll say it. He's a 100% original screen presence.
    We have failed him by making him a pop culture joke.
  11. This party scene. Everybody's here!
  12. Third mention of Turtle being thin.
  13. Took a break for a bit. Now Ari and Haley Joel Osment are having a business meeting.
    Haley Joel is really good. Glad he's back.
  14. It's not Kevin Dillon's fault.
  15. Turtle has always been my favorite character. He a good guy with a lot of business ideas.
    Some better than others. But he's out there.
  16. "Why does Chad Lowe keep staring at you?"
  17. Wait. E and Sloane aren't together. They're just having the kid together as friends.
    That sounds like a great set-up. What happened to me?
  18. I like Piven's suits. I don't believe his marriage. He and Perry Reeves have no chemistry.
    Is Nora Dunn playing herself as this couples' therapist? So many cameos.
  19. Still doing "didn't know the ringer was on" jokes in 2015.
  20. Drama and Turtle are getting towed around downtown L.A. talking about their girl problems.
    Bad tow work, Doug Ellin.
  21. "You're too good-looking to be insecure."
    Kinda bold to just say your theme out loud.
  22. E has a stalker.
    I feel like that happened on the show once before
  23. Dana Gordon is more believable than Ari as a studio head
    Maybe she is the studio head?
  24. Ari is trying to escape the studio head guy on a golf cart
  25. The prop guy who gave Drama that huge flask never works in this town again.
  26. Drama only wants reassurance. His entire arc is to get a pat on the back.
  27. "Vince, you take care of more people than the Red Cross."
    You cool in that shade I threw, bro?
  28. Jeez Louise, the towing in the car scenes.
  29. Tonya Harding reference.
  30. They over-watered this patio
    If Vince slips, bye-bye, entourage.
  31. Loudest. Text Notification. In a Movie.
    Every technical detail is embrasada. 👈That's a typo. Leaving it.
  32. Lloyd always felt like he was on a completely different show
  33. Rousey is going to run this Turtle over
    She's beating him up in an Ultimate cage. I saw a chance, I took it.
  34. Chad Lowe is doing vocal exercises at an audition. David Faustino asks him to stop.
    Excerpt from our new feature, "Entourage scene or Bret Easton Ellis novel?"
  35. Richard Schiff is playing himself but Judy Greer is playing a character.
  36. Exhale, everyone. Sloane just went into labor.
  37. "This whole thing was over a girl: Emily Ratajkowski."
  38. Drama is now searching for reassurance at a doctor's office.
  39. E's a dad!
    "How's Sloane?" "She's over it."
  40. Post-birth, the guys are together again, walking down the street, talking about dreams.
  41. "Warren Buffet's going to be blowing us for investment advice soon, you'll see."
    The history of the show doesn't bear this out.
  42. Drama just won a Golden Globe.
    It is accomplished.