Or, To Challenge Oneself. I was feeling guilty that my response to @ListPrompts had so many titles from my previous "Favorite Movies" list. Here's 10 newbs that, to me, are just as great.
  1. Slap Shot
    Raucuous and subversive hockey movie with a relaxed-iconic Paul Newman in some pretty great 70s fashions.
  2. Touch of Evil
    Nihilism, tracking shots, crispy-as-eff black & white photography. As Charlton Heston says in the film, "Oh, Susie."
  3. Cat People (1982)
    Without question, the deepest, most personal movie about people who turn into leopards.
  4. Midnight Cowboy
    Best Picture of 1969, this feels like it could be made today. The performances by Jon Voight and Dustin Hoffman are all-timers.
  5. Blood Simple
    My favorite Coen Bros'.
  6. Eraserhead
    A surreal masterpiece about the terrors of parenthood. David Lynch's 1st. "In heaven, everything is fine. You've got your good things, and I've got mine."
  7. Five Dolls For An August Moon
    My love of Italian horror genius Mario Bava will eventually take up an irresponsible number of lists. This'n is a loose, jazzy riff on the slasher movie. The soundtrack is Lounge Nirvana.
  8. The Ice Storm
    I'm the saddest bastard?
  9. Performance
    Punk rock editing/direction/gender-bending. Every "cool" movie kneels before it.
  10. Near Dark
    Best vampire movie, full stop. Why would a gang of vampires hang out in the Southwest when they could go to Alaska or somewhere darker for longer? Don't worry about it . . .