I love movies. I wish I could see them all. But life, etc. Here's the first of perhaps a series of lists of movies I should see, either due to history, quality, or general popularity, but I just haven't:
  1. Wall-E
    I have complicated feelings about Pixar and animated movies in general. Another list for another night.
  2. Gone With the Wind
    An omission that's almost a calling card at this point. I once dated a much-older woman who WOULD NOT let go of my not having seen GWTW. Soon, swear.
  3. Irma La Douce
    One of the few widely-available Billy Wilder movies I haven't gotten to yet. Shirley MacLaine is a prostitute, Jack Lemmon is a cop, they're both Parisian.
  4. Bridge on the River Kwai
    Don't look at me like that.
  5. Ryan's Daughter
    David Lean, Robert Mitchum, no excuse.
  6. Boondocks Saints II: All Saints Day
    Maybe if long black leather overcoats come back in style.
  7. Fanny & Alexander
    This 10-hour family drama was supposed to be Ingmar Bergman's last film. Might be my last film of his to see, if this keeps up.
  8. 42nd Steeet
    Classic musical. Someday, baby.
  9. Doctor Detroit
    This was Dan Aykroyd's big solo comedy vehicle. He plays a white pimp, and I guess it's terrible? I hope to tell you.