Requested by Brett 7


Thanks for the mellow Tuesday request, @BWN_7 !
  1. I've been told I resemble three famous people. The first two I hard disagree:
  2. Young Ronald Reagan
    Not even trying to get into the politics of it. Just, huh?
  3. Liev Schrieber
    I think at one point we were both jowlier?
  4. But these dudes are the doppelgängers I will allow:
    But watch yourself, McCoy . . .
  5. Steve McQueen in BULLITT
    I bought a turtleneck I'm afraid to wear out of the house because of this motherfucker.
  6. Marlon Brando in LAST TANGO IN PARIS
    Middle Forgotten Brando is the best Brando.
    I had some of these sweaters before the movie came out. I have a lot more of these sweaters since the movie came out.
  8. David Hemmings in BLOWUP
    This is one of my favorite movies. Hemmings' style is almost too much (velvet blazer, white jeans, pointy half boots) but it's still dope. His arc in the movie, from overall amused skepticism evolving into committed belief into melancholy acceptance, is something I recognize a lot in my own life.
  9. Chris Hardwick on At Midnight
    Suits up, jeans down, this is how we go to town.
  10. Wes Anderson
    I'll never have long hair but those cord suits, and the ties are, as one says, one hundred. I bought a pair of Wallabees in inspiration.
  11. Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 500 DAYS OF SUMMER
    JGL's wardrobe is the only enduring aspect of this movie, imo.
  12. Lee Marvin in POINT BLANK
    I don't. And I won't ever. But it's acceptable.
  13. Ed Harris
    I feel like I have an EH phase on the way in twelve years.
  14. Richard Ayoade
    At times I think RA and other funny dudes try a little too hard to dress funny. But still, mostly awesome.
  15. Michael Sheen as Wesley Snipes on 30 ROCK
    The 3rd. A good friend of mine told me I remind her of MIchael Sheen "but only as Wesley Snipes." So specific. Such a dork. I'll take it.