1. Not trying to be contrarian or alternative with this choice. I watch this one almost every holiday season.
  2. For those unfamiliar, it's a slasher movie in which the killer stalks all the women in a sorority during Christmas break.
  3. Stay with me . . .
  4. These sorority girls are amazingly cast. Andrea Martin and Margot Kidder are among them. They all have personalities and stories of their own.
  5. They're all feeling that holiday stress. "It's the greatest time of the year, so why am I so sad?"
  6. I feel like that a lot at Christmastime. It's great but I also kind of want it to be over. I don't even enjoy egg nog anymore.
  7. So but the killer is named "Billy" and he's always prank-calling the sorority. He says awful, obscene things to them, and jabbers on vaguely about a tragedy that occurred when he was a child.
    Creepiest voice in all of cinema. Imagine Golem on helium.
  8. "Billy" is the anti-Santa Claus. He mirrors his victims' family dysfunctions and, um, cancels their plans.
  9. BLACK CHRISTMAS is scary as hell. Those prank calls? The police trace them, and they find out
  11. The movie looks and feels so cold. There's no escape from Billy, the holiday blues, their unhappy families and bad relationships.
    We're all stuck, doomed.
  12. BLACK CHRISTMAS was directed by Bob Clark, who also did A CHRISTMAS STORY
    The yin and yang of the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.
  13. Not expecting people to rush out and deeply unnerve themselves, but for better or worse, BC gets to the heart of the season.