1. Hi. I'm Ed Kowalczyk, former lead singer for the band LīVE. My career has been a wild ride. I couldn’t have done it without movies to guide my way.  Here are my favorites from that time:
  2. 1991: Naked Lunch
    After seeing this I got the idea to go shirtless on stage.
  3. 1992: White Men Can't Jump
    This was our only videotape on the tour bus.  People don’t know this, but I have a solid vertical.
  4. 1993: The Pelican Brief
    I don’t often smoke pot, but one night after a show in Kansas City I got high and went with some fans to the late show of Pelican Brief.  AND IT WAS AMAZING.  I’ve watched it many times since. It’s still great, but nothing like that time.  I tried to get Alan J. Pakula to direct a Live video once but he never got back to me.
  5. 1994: Clerks
    I really related to this movie.  I worked a few shifts at a local convenience store right after Throwing Copper came out.  We blew our album advance on Thai food and non-prescription pain relievers, I had to make rent!  I can still work a cash register blindfolded.
  6. 1995: Usual Suspects
    The whole time, Kevin Spacey was Keyser Sozë. Can you believe it?
  7. 1996: The Crucible
    Winona Ryder and I went on a date once.  To The Crucible.  And she wore the bonnet.  I was sort of into it.  I didn’t realize she was with David Duchovny at the time. He confronted us on the street. I tried to stand up for Noni, but I had so many X-Files questions for him. She was really nice. David and I are cool.
  8. 1997: Lost Highway
    Our album Secret Samadhi comes out.  Expectations on us were so high.  Reading the press from that time, I never felt anyone understood Live.  I was drawn to David Lynch’s body-switch murder mystery.
  9. 1998: Velvet Goldmine
    The 70s had real rock stars. They pushed boundaries.  I used to get cold on stage sometimes, but I was afraid to tell anyone.
  10. 1999: Fight Club
    I got to meet David Fincher once.  Later he called me up and offered me a small part in Fight Club!  I’m still giddy thinking back on it.  Fincher’s perfectionism is no joke: It took us three weeks to film my one minute cameo, and then I had to come back for reshoots.  There was some awkwardness.  The other Live guys thought we were collectively appearing in the movie, not just I alone. Then they said the movie was pulling my focus.  I know jealousy when I hear it.
  11. 2000: waydowntown
    This Canadian movie is a little gem.  It’s about a group of co-workers who make a bet to see who can stay the longest inside their downtown office/mall/apartment complex.  I felt stuck in Live, and my co-workers were American.  Canadians seem really nice.
  12. 2001: Billy Elliot
    Motherfucker can dance!
  13. 2002: Panic Room
    Fincher called me out of the blue and said, “I need you, Eddie.”  I was signed to play Jared Leto’s part in Panic Room.  But then Chad and Chad made me cancel to go on tour.  I was disappointed, but Leto is great.  People say he’s a douchebag, but honestly, has he ever been bad in a movie?
  14. 2003: All the Real Girls
    This movie takes me on a rollercoaster, but ultimately it was good for me.  All the Real Girls helped me understand how love really works, and helped me write our song Heaven - a surprise hit, and our last.
  15. 2004: Ocean's Twelve
    Better than Eleven.  It feels like Soderbergh and the actors are just throwing a party.  My favorite Matt Damon performance.  I played the O12 soundtrack album all the time in the Live office. Chad and Chad got so mad at me!  Apparently we released a greatest hits this year but I was pretty checked out, tbh.
  16. 2005: The Squid and the Whale
    Our album Songs from the Black Mountain came out this year and peaked at number 52.  I think a lot about Squid and the Whale.  Laura Linney and Jeff Daniels were getting divorced, and in a way, so was Live.  I wish I could have seen it then.
  17. 2006: A Scanner Darkly
    I wanted out of my reality.
  18. 2007: Michael Clayton
    A big influence. Chad and Chad would start shit with me and I'd just respond, "I am Shiva, the God of death."
  19. 2008: Two Lovers
    I'm in this band, I want to go solo. It's like *I* have two lovers! Plus, I'm married. 😬
  20. 2009: Where the Wild Things Are
    Live and I announce a two-year hiatus. But, I mean, come on. I release a solo record. They sue me. I counter-sue. They hire a new singer. Nice dude. Not his fault. I saw WTWTA alone. At the scene where KW introduces her new friends, and they're just owls, I started crying. Just, loud, angry sobs. Where are my owl friends?
  21. I went on alone. I was playing to small crowds in bars, but it felt great. It felt like, this is what it's supposed to be all about.
  22. 2012: The Master
    I ran into Chad and Chad at a matinee. It was weird at first, but our mutual enthusiasm for the film kept us talking.
  23. Before we went our separate ways, we did our slo-mo moves from the I Alone video, one of the enduring inside jokes of LīVE.
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