Inspired by @ListPrompts (Had a version of this prompt up last night for about 10 seconds. Sorry if you're catching me take another bite of the 🍎)
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    I've listed about this before and will again, I'm sure. It's not "Whoa is me" but "Truth sets me free." I've been sober for a minute, but my addictive impulses are innate and only recycle to other things: exercise, movies, therapy, apps 📝, sweaters, raw denim (a particularly dark period 😏). I'll never stop it, only try to move the energy in a positive direction. And I'm happy to do it.
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    My heart is like Sam Beckett in QUANTUM LEAP, "hoping against hope that the next leap will be the leap home." My friends, girlfriends, family, the original POINT BREAK 🏄🏻, they all mean(t) so much to me. Until/unless they don't. Processing simple Like, or outright Non Chill, is a what an old supervisor would call an "opportunity area."
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    💃🏼Of myself.💃🏼 My inner monologue is a hamster wheel of negative thoughts I know have no bearing on reality.
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    I mean, *I* don't see this (see above) but that's the scuttlebutt. A lot of my interactions and opportunities are only explainable via the gift of gab, the gift that I have.
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    Debatable. 🤔 But the act of writing for me is a true Excalibur moment, the thing that feels right, and best.