My Week with Movies

  1. Nocturnal Animals
    Perfectly conveyed the feeling of how a book you're reading affects your life as you read it, and how your life changes your perception of the book. That this sensation is wrapped up in sweaty desert-thriller packaging made it all the better. I was so glad to hear Tom Ford was making another movie; I had the impression A Single Man was a one-and-done. Gorgeously designed (with a recurring 🍑motif) with excellent work by a top cast, especially Michael Shannon.
  2. Manchester by the Sea
    People dealing with trauma, grief, and/or addiction never follow the path to wellness that we want them to. It can be maddening and heartbreaking. But to see it play out, as in Manchester by the Sea, was exhilarating. Casey Affleck brings it all to life, and it feels like he's barely even trying. Best Actor Oscar, no question.
  3. Moonlight
    I don't want to talk about the plot. Not in the no spoilers-Sixth Sense-sense, but to preserve the experience, which I think everyone should have. Movies usually work so hard to be universally relatable, and skip past stories of individual lives. Moonlight succeeds brilliantly at showing us what it feels like to be Chiron, the film's main character. Director Barry Jenkins is a master filmmaker. This is the best film of 2016.