1. I will no longer use aliases on this app.
    If I'm really sharing, I haven't been into it for a while.
  2. It was one thing when was just on
    But now, the List App exists across at least three other platforms. Since I'm in touch with many of you elsewhere under my own name, what is this even about anymore?
  3. The other thing is, I may not know how to channel my ambition, but I am ambitious.
  4. No one is going to hire Raoul Duke, or publish a short story by Johnny Utah, or read Billy Zane's blog where he reviews Billy Zane movies.
    I do feel like "Low Key Forearms" has a future as a DJ. Perhaps not for weddings. Stay tuned.
  5. There may be a side project using other names (to a small degree) coming soon.
  6. Thanks again to everyone for supporting this concept up to now.
    I'll always marvel at how I never really obscured my identity, yet no one called me on it. Like, the real way to do this would have been to completely change my writing voice and handle and photo and everything, and keep doing it, keep everyone on their toes as to what the whole deal was, but I was too lazy to do that, and this was a widely accepted thing.
  7. I make this choice with full commitment.
    No take-backsies.
  8. Sincerely,
    Brian Roche