One Movie Everyone Should See

  1. Do you ever wish John Ritter had been in more movies?
  2. Do you think detectives should investigate, not just murder, but also love?
  3. Could all movies be set in 1981 New York City, for all you care?
  4. Do you think there's never been a good ensemble romantic comedy?
  5. Do you love Audrey Hepburn but wish she had just one more great role?
  6. In which she wore these sunglasses?
  7. Are you willing to cut the 80s some slack?
  8. Are you further willing to laugh less often than a title promises?
    But good laughs. Soul laughs.
  9. Do you think movie posters should be so good,
  10. they require two photos?
  11. Then you - who are surely everyone - should see THEY ALL LAUGHED.
  12. (It's on MUBI right now, for what that's worth.)