1. That's notable to me because writing about movies is what I thought I'd be doing here, on all social media, on the internet, period.
  2. But really, I've barely written about movies at all.
    Not that I haven't received a bunch of very detailed requests on movie-related topics. Sorry about that. The drafts are there. Someday.
  3. My first year on li.st has felt like that moment when you arrive at the podium, and you're clearing your throat, taking a sip of water.
    I feel as if I am perpetually about to start.
  4. While I was starting, here's what I wrote:
  5. My favorites are the lists that didn't exist a minute ago.
  6. I never tell this story irl, btw.
  7. A level of simplicity I hope to reach again.
  8. My li.st career has been title wave-heavy, but I'm happiest when I find my own spin.
  9. Sharing my experience in recovery so far was very helpful for me.
  10. A celebration of my innate haplessness.
  11. I was grateful for the challenge of March Madness.
  12. Ridin' that wave. Still, I love my parody version of LīVE's Ed Kowalcyk: a dopey egomaniac who can't stay out of his own way.
  13. The sequel is better, in my opinion.
  14. Okay, I did write about movies a little.
  15. The list of mine of which I'm jealous. Why haven't I written 20 of these?
  16. I found a surprising amount of fulfillment in writing about the one thing li.st is not supposed to be about: Groceries. It just felt right. The little things are all we have sometimes.
  17. Paralleling my li.st life, I went from not listening to music very often, to devouring Spotify almost every day. This was step one.
  18. Burying the lede? I change my li.st name a lot. I'm glad our community enjoys this tic of mine. And I do like the thought process behind picking and writing about the changes. Honestly though, it might go the way of the relist.
  19. One of these times, I'll figure it out and list along a specific brand. Until then, I just have my voice. Thank you to li.st for being the best place to express myself.
  20. And thank you, li.st community, for reading, and giving me so many great lists to read in return.