(I won't call them "goals" or "resolutions", but here's what I'm soft-committing to do, during you:
  1. Write a screenplay
    Been a while. He's a little rusty, folks. Best stand back.
  2. Submit three short stories to publications
    Why does this stress® me out so much
  3. Get a lens attachment for my phone and really do this photography thing.
    I suppose using a legit camera would really be "really doing" photography but like, lay off, jack.
  4. Go on 12 dates
    They don't have to lead to anything or even be fun but I have to approach a human woman and ask her out and actually go out and be a good sport about the process, maximum 12 times. (Worried here that I'm not projecting my full-on, no-game-having dating anxiety)
  5. Relight the fuse in the powder keg that is my regular yoga practice.
    It brings me so much contentment, why don't I do it more often? Because doing things is harruuhdddd. I did some last night, and I'm pretty flexible (assuming a baseline of zero flexibility) but I need work and a class environment.
  6. Move my blog to Squarespace, and write 3 movie reviews a month
    Just three!
  7. Other creative projects that would be better to talk about post-doing them.
    This list boils down to: do things. I didn't really do things off li.st this year. I just sort of lived. I want to change that.
  8. I eat too many sweets. Gotta figure something out.
    I referenced something about this in a New Year's Resolution list last year, and made zero changes.
  9. Stop checking my phone when I get in my car/when I arrive somewhere.
    I developed this habit along with starting on li.st. It reminds me of when I used to smoke. I think I'm using free time, and at the end of the day I have no time.
  10. Take an improv class
    Brave New Workshop is a Minneapolis institution of which I've never taken advantage.
  11. Take a trip somewhere
    Maybe a list meet-up?
  12. Write a movie/music/TV/Lit list once a week.
    And others, but I gotta hit that marker.
  13. Do a puzzle room
    I'm just playing jazz at this point