Spotify Playlist Names That Make Me Not Want to Do Spotify

I'm pulling the trigger on this Spotify thing everyone's talking about. But whoever is naming/creating the graphics for their playlists needs to hit the bricks. (None of this is a commentary on the artists in the playlists themselves.)
  1. 🎁🐠🐟🐡🐣
  2. Did you think this up on the drive to work?
  3. Clever, though.
  4. Dynamic Duo: Divorce?
  5. No comment.
  6. 7 seasons already!
  7. So happy for the kid from 2 1/2 Men.
  8. The HOUSE spin-off where it's always lupus.
  9. This poor man.
  10. I can relate, Guy on Left.
  11. prolly.not.chief
  12. Alternative to the very popular "Just Lines of Blow"
  13. Rough night, JT?