Suggested by @nathanveshecco - I don't recall having many stuffed animals as a kid. I basically went from the rattle to reading Encyclopedia Brown books in my Superman cape while my Star Wars figures watched us. But there were these two in between:
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    The stuffed dog
    This was a huge brown dog a friend of my parents made for me. It sat on my bedroom floor facing the open door which pointed downstairs, where my parents were. I would lay atop it, looking down the stairs, until I fell sleep. My parents would tuck me in later. (I was the oldest.)
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    Pooh bear
    My Pooh bear was slimmer than his popular image. It was almost as if a Piglet body had been given a Pooh head by mistake. Regardless, he was a loyal companion through many Sesame Streets.
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    However, there was another who played much the same role: My imaginary friend, the Dragon Who Lived Under the Stairs, Like on the Munsters.
    I did say the SW figures watched *us* read. I kept hoping the stairs would open up and the dragon would shoot out fire, like on the Munsters. But alas.