1. People want more details about the situation in which you feel anxious
  2. But not the feelings of anxiety themselves
  3. People want to offer practical advice
    Do this, this worked for me, have you tried blank.
  4. And it's all usually good, or I can see how I would retrofit it to my situation
  5. But practical advice isn't what I want
    Which makes me a hypocrite. I'm the first to offer a plan of action in someone else's time of intense emotional crisis. I love solutions. Gimme a white board and two dry-erase markers (1 black, 1 red) and you and I will Ocean's 11 our way out of this.
  6. There's always going to be stuff
    Today it was work stuff.
  7. Stuff is the constant
  8. The variable is anxiety
    I need ways of understanding that, working with that.
  9. I'm not really ready to talk about it more
  10. Sorry if you read this because "Mackinaw Peaches Jerry posted a list for the first time in a while"
    But thanks for reading. Going to finish watching HIGH RISE.