The Last 5 Things I Watched

Inspired by @What2List
  1. Legion, Episode 1
    Generally, I find it dangerous to get excited about a show based on the pilot. They're usually produced under very different circumstances than the subsequent show, with more time and money. Don't write your vows on the first date. But what a pilot. I do.
  2. Santa Clarita Diet
    I feel a little guilty about this because it's not necessarily "his" show, but Timothy Olyphant is hilarious in SCD. He's making comic choices a more intuitively "TV dad" actor might not make. He's lived a lie his whole life that he's the Big Man on Campus; when his wife becomes a zombie he. Just. Wants. To. Hold. It. Together. Okay?
  3. The last ep of New Girl
    I need to watch more Fox sitcoms. They're so much gold. In this one, Nick has a reading of his self-published book, and he needs Jess' help to glue the manuscripts to the book covers. Only they use this very fumey glue and they're both high as kites for the reading. Meanwhile, Winston enlists Schmidt and CiCi's help in an increasingly elaborate plot to propose to his girlfriend. Basic sitcom stuff, but so well executed. I love these characters.
  4. Miss Peregrine's School for Peculiar Children
    I will always give Tim Burton a chance. Overall this was just okay, with a too-complicated yet pointless time travel element. But it's Burton's first movie in a while to be set in the modern world. His surreal vision of contemporary suburbia was a joy to my eyes.
  5. Red Oaks Season 2
    I miss when TV wasn't such a big deal. Red Oaks is set at a country club in the 80s and feels like the sort of no-big-deal cult favorite that got cancelled after 4 episodes in the summer of 1987. See, Jim is a tennis instructor at a country club, but he really wants to be a filmmaker. Or does he? Jim doesn't seem to worried about it. Neither am I.