Requested by @biz
  1. Set-ups
    I'm grateful my friends would want to introduce me to someone, but throughout the process I feel resentful and guilty. If it doesn't work out, will my friend blame me? Everyone assures me setter-uppers don't blame. And yet.
  2. Board games.
    I don't play often enough to retain the rules, and I always end playing with people who know the game really well, and at first they want to be helpful so you learn the rules but the patience disappears after round one. And the thing where we get a free pass to be assholes because we're throwing small fake money on top of cardboard?
  3. The movie PARIS, TEXAS: A great film everyone should see. But I'd never met anyone else who'd seen it until I went to my sister's college graduation.
    Where I met an older sister of one of her friends. "Kelly" and I bonded over our mutual love of PARIS, TEXAS, flirted all night, made out a lot of the night - until she suddenly stopped, gave me this look of disgust, and walked away. I have no idea what I did or said. Her demeanor did not invite follow-up. Her look still vaguely judges me. I haven't seen PARIS, TEXAS since. The thought gives me a shiver.
  4. When my uncle tries to sell me insurance.
  5. The second and third times I meet someone.
    First impressions and actually knowing someone are usually fine. In between I can barely maintain eye contact, think of anything good to say or do or text, or ask good questions. One time I cheerfully agreed to an outside table at a restaurant on a too-chilly night just to have the matter settled, and my date had to ask that we be reseated indoors.
  6. When I see someone I kind-of know in public.
  7. Confrontation
    I once delayed trying to have it out with a toxic friend for YEARS because I was afraid to talk it out. This is a hard habit to overcome but I *think* I'm getting better?
  8. The George Webb diner chain in Milwaukee, WI.
    College gf and I had a bad fight in one. I've taken not-short detours to avoid driving past George Webbs. Though luckily they're regional so I maybe I wouldn't need to do that anymore.
  9. The wedding photos for all three of my sisters.
    Look, they're great photos of them and all of us and the day. But I'm the solo bolo. Never had a date for any family wedding.
  10. Taking selfies
    I envy people's comfort of this very common activity. I feel weird and make awkward mouth shapes.
  11. Having group conversations in loud and/or crowded rooms.
    Bad acoustics and I'm out, comprehension-wise. I hate that feeling of nodding through a conversation everyone else seems to be enjoying and adding to.
  12. When you're sitting at a desk, working on a computer and someone comes up behind you and you're talking about what's on your screen and they put their hands on your shoulders. And keep them there.
    And keep keeping them there. And you want to say something but you don't say anything and it's awful.
  13. Thanks for the request, @biz ! I had fun making my skin crawl. 🦂