Things to Which I Am In

  1. The new season of Mystery Science Theater 3000 on Netflix
    I started watching MST3K at the beginning, when it debuted on Twin Cities UHF channel KTMA. The new season is a return to the form of those scrappy early days. Every other minute brings a joke so good I have to pause the show.
  2. Dropbox Paper
    The best cloud writing app. A downright pretty interface, neat little keyboard commands, and easy collaboration. I've broken up with all other writing platforms.
  3. Spring Sweatahs
    Sorting out my v-neck issues. Please keep me in your Easter prayers.
  4. Mrs. Freshley's Salted Caramel Swiss Rolls
    I can't exactly point to the notes of salt or caramel here, Mrs. F. But these babies are solid butterscotch pudding, to which I say, I'm the father.