Inspired by @brightlyanna - thanks for the tag! These are the fictional characters I identify with most, at least lately.
  1. Ben Stiller as Roger Greenberg from GREENBERG
    Painfully awkward, poor conversationalist, self-involved, a frustration to many who know him well, is putting the pieces back together at middle age, and only good at one thing. Late in the movie, Greenberg, who once upon a time was in an indie band but now makes a living as a carpenter, hangs a picture frame with a casual grace. The experience centers him. I feel like that when I hit "publish" on a new list.
  2. Elliott Gould as Phillip Marlowe in THE LONG GOODBYE
    I can relate to many gumshoes, but Gould's unique interpretation of Raymond Chandler's signature sleuth speaks to me the most. Gould's Marlowe sees the world with such detachment it's a wonder he can function, yet this remove enables his shrewd detective skills. He's curious about everything but at the same time over it all. Also he chain-smokes, which I did throughout my 20s. Lighting a cig with a match you struck off a wall? Forget about it.
  3. Griffin Dunne as Paul Hackett from AFTER HOURS
    Bored by his job, puts himself through escalating humiliations for a woman, anxious, constantly runs, forgot an umbrella, goes back to work.