Cringe time in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 -
  1. Writing
    Even when the writing is bad. I feel more like myself than when I'm not writing.
  2. A high-low double feature
    As in, a great movie and a fun genre movie back-to-back, or even within a couple days of each other. Seeing the full spectrum of cinematic possibility fills me with hope. Best recent examples: Ex Machina & Unfriended, Duke of Burgundy & Cooties.
  3. Yoga, esp Bikram
    I don't have a regular practice right now, but when I started I developed a physical confidence that surprised me, and still helps me even if I'm not doing chaturangas at 6:30 AM. The first few minutes after Bikram practice is hands down the best I have ever felt doing anything.
  4. Deep conversation, friendship level optional
    I find I can get to the real stuff quickest and deepest with strangers or old, old friends/family. It's the relationships in between where we stumble along the surface the most.
  5. A good program meeting
    Related to point 4, surely.
  6. Donuts
    Working on this!
  7. Waking up early
    Just after the sun comes up. It's quiet. Everything is possible.