@solena I'm in just under the wire. Thanks for the request.
  1. Sweaters
    In a couple weeks, hopefully. Got a couple new saucy cardigans at the ready. Which brings me to -
  2. That it's really August Part 2 for over half the month, but no one talks about this.
    It's like the Uncle's Elopement of seasons.
  3. Movies
    Even though they'll ultimately give the Oscar to another lovable underdog story, right now the air crackles with possibility. In the near term, I'm particularly keen on AUTHOR: THE JT LEROY STORY, AMERICAN HONEY, heck, even THE LIGHT BETWEEN OCEANS. Get in here, you.
  4. Specifically, horror movies
    Not that I deny myself the rest of the year, but I enjoy a long period of Halloween pre-gaming. I just caught DARLING on Netflix over the weekend: high recommend.
  5. That my lister's block will somehow end soon
    Like what do I have to say, about anything? Am I just going to rank french fries for the rest of my life? What am I doing here, guys?
  6. Look, rank fries if that's your get-down.
    I'm just going through some stuff.
  7. That I have one weekend left to get to the Minnesota State Fair
    i.e. "The Great Minnesota Get-Together." Every year I mean to go, but seldom do. But there's always something they haven't figured out how to deep fry on a stick until this year. Probably a big bucket of fries. Hope to tell you.