Dicey prop for a fella to write about this here? Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. Glasses
    Because women who look like me are 🔥. No, glasses are the best. I was a mite chuffed when it turned out I needed them. And yeah, intelligence. But really they just frame the shit out of a face.
  2. Can talk movies
    And I mean lighting, obscure genres, if you thought the scene was poorly edited because of [reason]. Basically, not just a fan but a lifer. A connoisseur. I like that.
  3. A connoisseur of anything. Being passionate and knowledgeable about something is magnifico.
  4. Ha! I feel like such a creep. So sorry you have to read about what turns a man on.
    You're not wrong to roll your eyes and assume the answer is, "breathing." But I'm a connoisseur too, and these are my thoughts.
  5. The collarbone
    Welcome back to our scheduled program. The hottest part of a woman's body.
  6. The armpit
    Close 2nd. V. Shapely. (This is also my pen name.)
  7. A cool, skinny 60s suit
    Clothes turn me on big time, suits, blazers, and ties in particular. I have a few such suits, and I used to have a job that required business dress, so I could show them off. Now I'm a business-casual bum, but I'll wear ties/sport coats out sometimes.
  8. Donuts. I've talked about this.
  9. Jewish women are super attractive to me.
    Just wrote that sentence.
  10. Can dance.
    Like legit dance.
  11. Red Wing boots
    Like, say, Iron Rangers or Moc Toes.
  12. Smile
    The moment when a woman goes from at-rest face to a big, genuine smile . . . folks . . .
  13. Shorter hair is a thing.
    Anything from a bob down to Robin Tunney in Empire Records. Showcases the graceful neck.
  14. Style. When a woman knows what she likes, clothes-wise, and can work it.
  15. Just knowing what you want in general.
    Otherwise I can't help you, this isn't a game, fortune favors the bold, etc.
  16. A bawdy sense of humor.
    Every time it starts to work the voice in my head is like, "already, you idiot?," and I'm all, "She said boobs!😍"
  17. Ze small of ze back
    As in when a woman leans ever so slightly toward my hand when I lightly place it there.
  18. Accents.
    When you add that umlaut, I go wild.
  19. Bonus points to all women who happen to be fans of horror films. You are rare (in my experience) and have great taste.
  20. You all.
    Women of List App, you're smart, funny, and write endlessly captivating lists. Future GFs will need to demonstrate list proficiency.