This was originally in @pili_ervin 's suggestion list: Where I Make Lists.
  1. On my couch.
  2. In bed.
  3. During yoga.
    At home, between poses.
  4. During core work.
    At gym, during and between reps.
  5. On the elliptical machine.
  6. During movies/TV at home
    Most recently People VS. OJ Simpson.
  7. At a movie theater pre-show
    Did one waiting to get into Star Wars: "Other Movies Playing on the Opening Night of Star Wars: The Force Awakens." It just included a pic of a marquee with nothing but SW showtimes. Felt like a goblin, deleted the draft.
  8. In the kitchen while I make/clean up after dinner.
  9. While waiting to pick up a pizza.
  10. Once pulled over while driving.
    Twice. In my car rn tbh.
  11. A small suburb of St. Paul.
  12. Once on a yawner coffee date while she checked her phone.
    "That reminds me, Just making this note quick."
  13. In a suggestion list.
  14. At the grocery store.
  15. At the VMAs.
  16. While organizing sweaters.
  17. But most often, at home, at my desk, on my laptop, in Evernote, like it's a job.