1. Johnny 5 is alive!
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  2. Okay, but did that movie actually happen?
    Some studio executive approved that. Furthermore, decently famous actors read that script and said “Yes, I want to be that movie!"
  3. How on earth did Ally Sheedy and Johnny 5 even meet up?
    First he’s in a factory and then he’s alive and suddenly they’re dancing in her living room.
  4. Speaking of…did they, you know…do the horizontal greased-weasel tango?
  5. But what's up with Steve Guttenberg?
    Was he like Johnny 5’s maker? And were they involved in some crazy man-robot-woman love triangle?
  6. Is it even fair to call Johnny 5 a robot?
    He had so many feels. He’s like the youth I see on Tumblr.
  7. And wasn’t there another Johnny (number unknown) that didn’t have emotions?
    Whoever that guy was, he was basically my spirit animal.
  8. I have no idea who the bad guy was or what they were escaping or if there was a happy ending.
    I’m assuming there was one, because otherwise, what would be the point? Besides maybe some strange fetish robot thing.
  9. Holy shit, I think they made sequel. I can’t even wrap my mind around that.
    Was it Bicentennial Man?