Don't be jealous.
  1. Used my belly as a bowl for pretzels
  2. Opened the door for three package deliveries
    Somebody's got a shopping problem. I blame the Cubs.
  3. Took a shower at 3:45
  4. Watched a couple who is most definitely headed for divorce pick a shitty place on House Hunters
  5. Judged the state of my neighbor's lawn
  6. Listened to Mike make works calls
    See my list 'Super Professional Language' to get a taste of how that went.
  7. Counted how many wasps were hovering outside a birdhouse
  8. Watched the Oran Juice Jones music video for "The Rain"
    You without me like corn flake without the milk! This is my world. You're just a squirrel trying to get a nut!
  9. Made lists on @list