1. 1.
    A "Maze Runner" spin-off that involved a flashback, parallel storyline with Nic Cage and his love interest. It ended in Nic's spirit being released from his body after the protagonist threw him from an aircraft carrier and the flames from an oil spill leapt up and consumed his body before he hit the water.
  2. 2.
    A party in my dorm room that went terribly wrong--by the time the party ended I found the heads of about ten men stuck on pikes rolling around underneath my bed. For some reason I was more concerned with who was going to clean them up and felt conflicted with too much guilt to leave them for the custodian to find.
  3. 3.
    Velociraptors decided to attack my church. One cornered me behind a couch, but when I turned to look at it it had taken the form of what I intuitively knew to be my future son. Much like they teach you in zombie films, I knew that although this was my son, he was possessed and not himself and would still kill me. I beat him to death with a chair.