Great music by @john
  1. When I was 13 a girl named Ashley called and played No Such Thing to me through her older sister's car radio. She knew I would love it. Before going off to summer camp 2002, I purchased the Room for Squares CD at Barnes and Noble in Sherman Oaks and played it on my Sony Walkman all summer long. I still have that copy.
  2. When I returned from camp I bought Inside Wants Out and awaited the release of whatever came next.
  3. I remember when my father picked me up a copy of Heavier Things when I was 15 in 2003. I sat at my bedroom desk at my parents house, unwrapped the CD and played it on the same Sony Walkman with my headphones on. Track 1 Clarity was a great way to kick off the new collection.
  4. While the original Ashley moved on, a new Ashley became a close friend. We bonded over music (she was more of a Jason Mraz fan) and we started dating a few years later at age 16.
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  5. A couple years later, at 19 in 2007, Ashley and I attended Where the Light Is together, and somehow I won a raffle at Nokia Theater for a signed poster - 1 prize out of the thousands of attendees in the building.
  6. We also attended the Annual Holiday Revue the following year 2008 when we were both 20. Adele (also 20) opened for @john after her release of debut album 19.
  7. 11 years into our relationship, on 9/4/16, she is the girl I'll be marrying. I give his music a significant amount of credit for how this all panned out.
  8. A few years ago when I was in Vegas @john was in a cabana at XS and his security wouldn't let me in. He came out and we chatted about our mutual acquaintances (Nina T. And Her son Matt) and after explaining - in detail - how much his music meant to me (I had always imagined how I'd thank him) he suggested we take a picture together. Excellent.
  9. My fiancé happens to be the editor of the Huffington Post Weddings section. This gesture could lead to some solid publicity for both @john and @list ;)
  10. I plan on having whatever band we hire sing several of his songs. Nothing beats the real thing.
  11. I have a copy of most of his released CDs including a German mini disc of a Kid-A cover and the original Inside Wants Out CD released by Aware (black cover).
  12. We were both included in the beta release of this app. Somehow our social circles overlap enough that were both a part of this small community.
  13. This would be the single greatest addition to the best day of my life. Think about it. Skirball Cultural Center, Los Angeles, 9/4/16. Food, drinks, and friendship will be provided.
  14. Get in the mix @john we're less than 3mo away
    @john 2 months, can I put you down for Love is a Verb for a walk down the aisle? Free meal?
  15. I'll add more as they come to me...
  16. @john I thrive in your mentions