Most of the pictures on my phone these days are of my girlfriend and our three year old and the occasional selfie so don't expect much diversity here. I will say this though, every picture is a precious memory!
  1. Disneyland is great for many reasons. Like the cast members willingness to get into character. We met Darth Vader and I was blown away with how well this guy played his role. He found the right balance where he could be the bad guy, but not bad enough that he'd freak Elijah out. Eli did walk away asking mommy why Vader refused to say bye. lol.
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  2. This picture was taken at the San Diego zoo a few weeks after Cecil the lion was killed by an American doctor that was hunting big game. It's not a great shot but just seeing this beautiful animal up close got me a little emotional. How could someone kill these awesome animals for sport? I don't get it.
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  3. I didn't get on my first roller coaster until I was in high school. Seeing his bravery getting on one as a toddler makes me proud.
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  4. Summer Finn you are EVIL!
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  5. Thanksgiving lunch at Elijah's school. Forever grateful for my two angels.
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