1. Finn Jones at The Loft, NYC
    Partying with my fiancée & friends this past Saturday, I started singing the lyrics to "Pump Up The Jam" on the dance floor. Suddenly a curly-haired male partygoer danced through the crowd towards me & started singing along with me. "I don't want / A place to stay / Get your booty on the floor tonight / Make my day" we sang in joyous unison. Then we high-fived & parted ways. Looking shocked, my friends asked if I knew who that was and I replied no. They let me know it was Loras Tyrell from GoT.
  2. Alec Baldwin at 10th & University Place, NYC
    For Halloween '13, my fiancée and I dressed up as Margot and Ritchie Tenenbaum from the Alec Baldwin narrated film The Royal Tenenbaums. We came home that night, turned on SNL, and watched Alec Baldwin make a surprise appearance during a sketch. Woke up the next morning and saw him walking his dog across the street from me. Told him he was awesome on SNL and he gave me a bro nod. Went to work, told coworker about it, & she casually informed me that she was an extra in The Royal Tenenbaums? Meta.
  3. Stephen Spielberg & Lorne Michaels
    One fateful night, my fiancée left her phone in a cab. In an attempt to find it, I called her phone multiple times but to no avail. Then someone called me back. She said she had the phone and we could pick it up at a bar in the West Village. We cabbed it there, but the bouncer wouldn't let us in. After calling the woman, she came out with the phone and told us it was an SNL afterparty. As we walked away, Steven Spielberg & Lorne Michaels exited a limousine & we got caught in a haze of flashbulbs
  4. Rose Byrne & Bobby Cannivale
    Walking up 10th street hand-in-hand one sunny Sunday afternoon, my fiancée and I passed a beautiful couple on the street. Then I tripped over a pothole. "Did you see that?!" I shouted. The couple whipped around and looked at me expectantly. "I just tripped over a pothole!". The couple laughed and went on their way. My fiancée then informed me that we had just passed by Rose Byrne & Bobby Cannivale and they apparently thought I had been remarking on their celebrity.
  5. Julia Stiles
    At a friend's birthday celebration at Ninth Ward in the East Village, I spotted Julia Stiles and a gentleman at a standing table. The gentleman left momentarily to grab drinks at the bar. I quietly told some friends that Julia Stiles was standing right across from us. She then met our gaze and we all proceeded to have a silent staring contest for what felt like an eternity. We looked away first. She took a finishing sip from her glass of beer and smiled to herself.