Things that happened today

Writing it out so I don't overthink my life right now
  1. Woke up anxious
  2. Had an anxiety attack
  3. Took xanax
  4. Went to Disneyland
  5. Rides & ride photos
  6. Churros
  7. I sat on spit and had to wash my sweatshirt in the bathroom sink
    But because it had germs I didn't wear it even though it was cold
  8. I lost my jet/Apple ring
  9. My baseball bae hit a home run
    At the game I was supposed to go to
  10. I forgot where I parked, went to the right floor, thought it was the wrong floor, then went to the wrong floor and realized the first floor was the right floor all along
  11. Baseball bae hit a walk off homer
    At the game I was supposed to go to 😒
  12. All the people texted me about the walk off homer
  13. I did not see the walk off homer even though I was home because I was le tired
  14. What even is life