Last 4 Photos On My Camera Roll, Captioned

So... list. sure. let's give this thing a try. here are the last 4 photos I took, WITH COMMENTARY!!
  1. Stuck in traffic Snap
    Washington, DC sucks. The suburbs suck. The beltway especially sucks. Raining, stuck in traffic at 3pm on a Wednesday. Sucks.
  2. Gloomy.
    It's been raining in DC for a long time, cloudy even longer. I take a lot of photos while driving.
  3. Super powers
    Yeah, this one's about a girl. We chose super hero names for each other. Fear Super Cell and The Awe Rocker
  4. General Tso cannot replace the love of a mother. But... Damn he's close.
    Working sucks. Working Mother's Day sucks more. But working Mothers Day with good, fake Chinese food sucks less.