1. Stares at me while I'm going to the bathroom
    She's doing it right now
  2. Claws at the shower curtain when I'm in the shower
  3. Starts meowing at the bedroom door at 4am because she's bored
  4. Attacks my feet while I'm sleeping
    Which is why she is outside the bedroom door at 4am
  5. Spreads her kitty litter everywhere
    This is definitely on purpose. I've seen her flick it everywhere for no damn reason
  6. Insists any mat or rug not attached to the floor be crooked at all times
    We have a constant back and forth where she moves them, I fix them, and then she moves them again. Over and over.
  7. Sits on my laptop when I'm trying to work
  8. Hides under the bed right before I go to sleep in an attempt to stay in the bedroom at night
    She thinks she's sooooo sneaky
  9. Lays down, belly up, purring, staring at me, and then attacks my hand when I rub her belly
    And I fall for it every time
  10. Sits on my chest with her butthole in my face