5 Really Horrible Thoughts I've Had In The Last 5 Hours...

I'm a good person.
  1. The best thing Alison Brie has been in since Community?
    Dave Franco's ass with a strap-on.
  2. The couple next door are having sex...
    I'm fighting the final boss in Resident Evil and it sounds like we're doing the exact same thing.
  3. Damn, some of y'all white people are so woke...
    I might as well just go back to sleep. (Sarcasm.)
  4. If I died tonight...
    The nearest person who would care is 7000+ miles away.
  5. God seems like every artsy friend I have.
    A confused, insecure thing making "experimental" work and leaving it up to "interpretation".
  6. I write for a few cool spots - I've organized some of my favorite pieces into a resume here: httsun.com
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