Hottest girls on The Walking Dead

  1. Maggie: My Fav since she rode in on that horse to get Lori to bring her to the farm
  2. Beth: Def my type. Blond,Blue Eye, Innocent yet Sexy
  3. Jessie: Pure MILF
  4. Rosita: Bombshell Pinup Fantasy
  5. Amy: Hotter of the sisters but didn't last long :(
  6. Andrea: Pain in the ass but hot as hell
  7. Tara: too bad she's a lesbo lol
  8. Sasha: Beautiful but Deadly
  9. Denise: Surprisingly Adorable
  10. Dawn: Woulda ranked higher but bitch killed Beth LOL
  11. Lilly: Attraction to a bad boy was her downfall
  12. Lori: Caused way too much drama but still a cutie
  13. Carol: Total Badass
  14. Michonne:Sexy Samurai
  15. Lizzie: Illegal I know but no denying this girl is gonna be a knockout
  16. Enid: Carl's Crush