The 20 players I'd chose if BigBrother ever decides to do an all Survivor Theme Season

  1. MEN:
    Russel - master manipulator
  2. Phillip - Bat shit pay money to see people stuck in the house with this guy for 3 months
  3. Johnny FairPlay- every season needs an asshole...enuff said
  4. Penner - can talk a drowning man into holding an anchor
  5. Rob C - Master strategist
  6. Ozzy - Best player to never win
  7. Spencer - might be too smart for his own good
  8. Colby - Mr All American
  9. Tai - imagine if Mr Miagi was gay and you got Tai
  10. Woo - Shoulda won his season
  11. Women:
    Susan - OG Bad ass...way too honest and gruff...odds on fave to be voted off first lol
  12. Debbie - might actually be crazier then Phillip lol
  13. Aubrey - nerdy,cute and just likeable enough to actually win BB
  14. Tasha - little firecracker think would last lot longer then most would think
  15. Amanda - Best Female to never win
  16. Morgan - Hottest Survivor Ever
  17. Sugar - honestly has anyone ever been more adorable?
  18. Jenna - where she been since her sex tape popped up?
  19. Stephanie - toughest female ever
  20. Kass - female Russel