1. I'm not famous
    I'm told.
  2. None of my non-famous Facebook or Twitter followers is on li.st
    I know because I just checked.
  3. I've only written two lists on this app
    Three, counting this one!
  4. No one cares about my two lists
    Three, counting this one!
  5. I never asked anyone to follow me on Li.st
  6. No one ever asked to follow me on Li.st
  7. My Li.st profile pic isn't approachable
    I'm looking away from you, not at you.
  8. My Li.st profile pic isn't authentic enough
    Was that on location or a set? Selfie or not? Angry, confused, or constipated? So many questions.
  9. My name has too many consonants
    People think I'm spam.
  10. Which all means I'm typing this list only for myself.
    And entertaining myself in the process.