1. Gouging people's eyes out on screen is never cinematically appealing
  2. The Allegiant movie trailer looks like the story is going to be different from the book... Again
  3. Looks like J law is going to play a mum again in this JOY movie... She might actually be convincing this time as one. David o'russell take 3...
  4. New Chloe Moretz movie looks like a YA movie for adults.. Wonder how THAT's going to do in cinemas..
  5. Okay so new Rebel Wilson movie looks funny - and I have high standards
  6. Huntsman, Snow White Prequel: all they had to do was get rid of K. Stew - instant upgrade!
  7. Never got into the first Zoolander....soooooo but Justin Theroux co-wrote the 2nd one ?.... Interesting