It was today! I'm 23 years old!
  1. Got a gym membership! For the first time ever!
    I'm scared and nervous, but also, excited and optimistic. O P T I M I S T I C
  2. Got an eye exam!
    I should've gotten one a LONG time ago, but time and money slip away from you without you realizing it. Especially if you're me.
  3. Got my oil changed!
    Also for the first time ever. Stupidly, I'm irresponsible with my car care. Or I wait until I see my grandpa again. Like, the auto guy also said I needed to recharge my freon for my air conditioner to work properly again. Instead of saying "sure!," I said "no," and thought "it's getting colder, I won't need my air conditioner."
  4. Worked! And got off early!
    I didn't make nearly as much money as I wanted, but getting off allowed me to jumpstart my chores and errands. Plus, it was a good workday regardless.
  5. Washed the dishes!
    For the first time since moving into this apartment in July. (They'd been done often, but never by me. My roommate always uses the dishes. I never do, until recently.)
  6. Cleaned out my car!
    It wasn't AWFUL, but this time, I didn't move everything to the trunk, AND I cleaned the trunk out from the last time I "cleaned my car out."
  7. Read about fifty pages of the book I'm reading!
    It's Mindy Kaling's latest, and I like it a lot. However, lately, for me, it's been something of a chore for me to focus on reading. I'm also in the middle of two other books, but I'm trying to finish Why Not Me? first.